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Graduates of the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery have successfully transitioned to a wide variety of school environments for kindergarten. RIDN’s Executive Director and faculty counsel families individually as they consider the best fit for their child’s continuing growth and development in academic settings. For those families considering private schools and public school Gifted & Talented programs, our administration and faculty are an especially valuable support in the application process.

Private kindergartens where our students were accepted for the 2017-18 school year include:

Village Community School (VCS)

Lycee Francais


Alt School

Portfolio School


Trevor Day

Town School

The British International School

La Scuola

Children from RIDN’s prek classes also move on to high quality public kindergartens, including: Ella Baker, Midtown West, PS 217, and a variety of G&T programs at PS 217 and other public schools.

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