Since fall 2016, Roosevelt Island Day Nursery has offered FREE, full-day programming as part of New York City’s Universal Prekindergarten Programming, also known as “Prek for All.”



Is my child eligible for UPK?  Children who turn four years old on or before December 1st are eligible for UPK.

How much does it cost? UPK is free. There is no cost to families.

WHEN and HOW do I registerThe UPK application system opens in February, spaces are offered through a lottery system.  For more information, click here for the website.

How can I take a tour? Contact us at 212-593-0750 to inquire about January tours.

What are the program hours? 8:40 am-3:00 pm.

Do you offer early drop-off and after-school programming? Early drop off may be available for a fee. After-school programming is tuition-based, and operates from 3pm-6pm, serving a mixed age group of 3-4 year olds.

Are lunch and snacks provided? Yes, FREE healthy snacks and lunches are provided by an outside food vendor. Children also have the option of bringing food from home.

What curriculum do you follow? Our school has elected to follow the Department of Education’s own curriculum, as it offered the most flexibility for our school to honor its historically progressive approach to early childhood education and underlying philosophies, including the views that children are competent and capable, and that play is the “work” of children. Click here for more information on our curriculum framework.

Do children sleep at school? While a rest period is required, teachers are able to accommodate children with varying sleep requirements.

What play facilities do you offer? There is a playground steps away from our school. Children play outside in all but the most inclement weather for 50 minutes a day. We also offer an inside playspace with gross motor equipment.

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